Old Dogs and New Tricks
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There is some truth to the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  But what about when the old dog wants to learn a thing or two?

I’ve been enrolled for the past few weeks in French I.  All the beginning stuff, like “bonjour” and “au revoir” and “merci.”  I’m having fun.  There are several others in the class that are around my age, and we’re stumbling through together.  My teacher is a glamorous, funny, and nurturing woman who keeps telling us that those who really learn a foreign language are those who can live with the stress of it–especially as we are older and our brains aren’t as pliable.  We plod along, reviving old study habits and laughing at ourselves when our minds go blank.

I did this because I want to learn French.  Henry and I are fortunate to be able to travel, and France has quickly become a favorite destination.  It would be nice to communicate with the natives, although I’m not sure that “allez au tableau” (go to the blackboard) will do me much good.  I may have to take a few more classes!!

In my 49th year, I spent a lot of time dreading the big 5-0.  Now that this momentous b-day has come and gone, I’m back to living life day to day.  What to learn next?  What new adventures await?  I feel good.  So far, I am healthy and strong.  Why not learn some French?  And then, maybe some Italian?  I have a pile of books on my desk that tell me “how to” a lot of things.  Curiosity doesn’t seem to end–it only increases.  Maybe this old dog CAN learn a few new tricks.

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