The New Depression
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Rattled.  That’s how I would describe many of the people around me as we go through tough times.  Those who still have jobs fear losing them.  Our 401(k)s have shrunk, which is particularly vexing for those about to retire, or those who have whose nest eggs are now cracked.  Day after day, more bad news arises.  Global warming seems to be accelerating–there’s no doubt, regardless on what side of the political fence we lean, that something is happening that isn’t good.  Our food supply is filled with hormones and chemicals, even when we try to be as organic as possible.  We seem to be surrounded by greed, lies, and sleight of hand everywhere we turn.

When our political leaders defined the recession, they identified that it had been going on for months.  Thanks for the news flash–most of us had already figured this out!  There is no real definition for when a recession becomes a depression, and those who remain from the Great Depression era tell us that we’re nowhere near that yet.  Still, a lot of people are feeling downright depressed.

We must return to a simpler life.  Years ago, when I had my own personal depression and was deeply in debt, I learned that most of my needs were really wants.  We began to play games on a Saturday night for fun.  I discovered that my older car ran just fine, thank you.  We enjoyed eating dinner out on a weekend evening, but we had to cut back on where we ate.  In the worst of times, it was sometimes a burger joint.  But it was the company and conversation that mattered.

We will get through this, as we have gotten through a multitude of other challenges in our world.  I have faith in the human spirit and its ability to rise above difficulties.  Hopefully, in the process, we will discover more about who we are and what really matters.   We are not defined by the size of our homes, the brand names on our clothing, or the make and movel of vehicle we drive.  We are precious human beings, each with a soul as unique as a snowflake or a fingerprint, with something beautiful to offer ourselves and those around us.  Perhaps shaking off the pretentions of the past few decades will ultimately be the best thing that ever happened to us.

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