Empty and Full
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There is a kabbalistic/Buddhist concept of emptying oneself through meditation.  I’ve been noticing lately that at times I feel way too “full.”  Sometimes it’s major life events, but other times it’s just that I am feeling distracted, overloaded, or frustrated with some daily task.  When we were in the Hill Country, I was reading Jenny’s journals, and at times I would be overwhelmed with emotion.  Sometimes it was my grief for not having her with us anymore, and other times it was empathy for this woman I called a friend, who had her own strong emotions about situations in her life.  Afterward, I would need to walk, or practice yoga, or sit in the hot tub for a while.  As I would do so, I would feel the knots releasing, my breath coming more easily, and my heart soften yet again to receive more of whatever the day had to offer.

I left my “day job” last April after working for nearly 30 years with few breaks.  When one is juggling work, family, interests, and other responsibilities, it’s harder to give ourselves that time to empty.  Yet even if we can just find a minute to breathe and let go, we can be refreshed.

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