Resting in the Hill Country
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We just returned from Wimberley, Texas, one of my favorite places in the world.  We go there whenever there is a need to replenish ourselves, and this was definitely one of those times.  I took with me a series of journals left behind by my late mother-in-law, and I spent time learning more about her hopes, dreams, and regrets.  At the time of her death, she had “get ears pierced” on her to-do list, so at nearly 79 she was still engaged in life!

One of the things I have learned about my own willingness to engage in life is that I sometimes need time away from civilization.  For four nights we enjoyed soft breezes, bright stars, and a level of quiet that does not exist in the city–ever.  In the hammock, the hot tub, or on the sofa, as my mind quieted I was greeted with much new inspiration.  Part of that is to re-start this blog and to reach out into the realms of new media to connect with people.  I am excited about the friends to be made and new opportunities to grow and change.  At 50, I’m ready for this semi-old dog to learn some new tricks.  I hope that when I am gone, my to-do list is as interesting as what my mother-in-law, Jenny, left behind.

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